What happened The indescribable look of Ursula Corbero that has freaked out Miguel Angel Silvestre and Pedro Alonso

Since we saw Úrsula Corberó for the first time in 2007 in series like ‘Countdown’ or ‘El internado’ we already knew that there was something in her that would make her win over her audience and in 2008, when she debuted in ‘Física o Chemistry ‘, we confirmed it.

However, her great success came with Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins movie where she plays Tokyo, achieved great international success and managed to reach thousands and millions of people from the Netflix platform. After all this ‘boom’, Corberó made her leap to Hollywood and now she is about to release her new movie, ‘Snakes Eyes: The Origin’, where she plays The Baroness.

Currently, the actress accumulates more than 21 million followers on her Instagram account and with the photographs of her she leaves more than one open-mouthed, and this is precisely what has just happened.

Corberó’s fans are unconditional and be it a photo of her from her next project, her vacation or a photoshoot of her, they will always be there to fill the wall with her beautiful comments. But the latest publication of her has caught our attention precisely because of how extravagant is the look that she wears of it.

And not only she has surprised us, but also Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Pedro Alonso. “What a great photo,” says the ‘Velvet’ actor in the comments of the photo, which already has almost 1 million ‘likes’. “Wasssssssss” comments his partner from ‘La Casa de Papel’, Pedro Alonso.